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People want a bathroom that is elegant looking, but it is also important to be functional, especially when it comes to the shower. I’m sure you know what its like when you walk into your bathroom after someone has used the shower, only to find puddles of excess water everywhere. This water is not just an inconvenience, it can also increase the chances of accidents and cause mildew and bacteria to grow in worst cases. If you are spending a lot of time mopping your bathroom then your shower might not be properly sealed. You could go with a traditional option like a shower curtain, however these are not always effective. Luckily there are other options for people that want the tightest seal for their shower and that is making sure a good shower screen seal installed.

Below you will find our interactive chart of the top 12 seals and their relevant features, you can sort this chart by clicking on the the top of each column. We also have a more in depth comparison chart which features 37 of the best seals available in the UK, from which we’re certain you will find your perfect seal…

  • Glass Thickness – This should match the thickness of your shower door, for those marked as “Silicone Gel” thickness is not an issue as the seal is bonded to front or back of the door itself and not to the bottom.
  • Gap to Seal – The gap between the bottom of your shower door and the bath or tiled surface.
  • Length – The overall length of the seal, which can be cut to suit your shower door using a simple hack saw or craft knife.
  • Price – The exact best price changes frequently based on availability and any special promotions for example, however roughly speaking you’d be looking at… £ = under £5, ££ = £5 to £10, £££ = £10 to £15, ££££ = £15 to £20 and £££££ = £20 plus.
Model Glass Thickness (mm) Gap to Seal (mm) Length (mm) Price Rating
Universal Screen Seal

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4-6 16 900 £ 4.6
Universal Shower Screen Seal

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4-6 16 900 £££ 4.0
Universal Shower Seal

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4-6 7 900 £ 4.3
Universal Screen Seal

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6-8 18 900 £ 4.8
Universal Seal for Showers

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6-8 7 900 £ 4.0
Byretech Easi-fit Screen Seal PS-11-6

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4-6 8 880 £££ 3.5
Shower Screen Seal

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4-6 14 900 £ 4.0
Curved Bath Screen Bottom Seal

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5-6 6 1000 £££££ 4.7
Byretech Easi-fit Screen Seal PS-18-6

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4-6 13 880 £££ 4.3
Byretech Screen Seal Kit

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Silicone Glue 18 1000 ££££ 4.8
Byretech Screen Seal SCSW001

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Silicone Glue 8 1000 £££ 0.0
Shower Enclosure Sliding Door Magnetic Seal

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6 9 1900 £££££ 0.0

What is a Shower Screen Seal?

A shower screen seal is a strip of glass, rubber, vinyl or PVC that is affixed to the bottom of shower screens and doors. This strip will help prevent water leaks from the bottom of the shower door. Many people use them as an alternative to shower curtains and sliding shower doors. They can be attached to just about any type of shower screen, making for a much tighter seal that will help keep your bathroom dry.

There are a number of reasons why it is vital to keep your bathroom floor dry. First of all, a wet floor could lead to slips and other types of accidents. Many of the accidents that occur in the home happen in the bathroom. It only takes one slip for a person to break a bone or suffer a head injury, which is why it is so crucial to keep the bathroom floor as dry as possible.

A wet floor is also more likely to get covered in mildew and mold, as well as algae and germs. This could be a big problem, as excess mold and bacteria could cause health issues, especially in people that have respiratory issues or allergies. Not only is it a potential health risk, but mildew and mold also makes a bathroom look unsightly. One of the best ways to protect bathrooms from these problems is to install a quality and durable shower screen seal.

Top 5 Shower Screen Seals on the Market

There are so many different brands of shower screen seal out there that people should have no problem finding one that works with their particular shower. The biggest difference in different seals is whether they seal the door and floor or the door and wall. Here are five different types of shower screen seal that will cover most types of shower screens.

  1. The Rubber Seal: This is probably the most common type of screen seal, as it will work with just about any type of door. People that are replacing an old rubber seal can take the old one with them when buying a new one to be sure to get the correct size. This option is inexpensive and easy to install.
  2. PVC Seals: Seals made from PVC are popular on frameless shower screens, as they fit into the design. Since people with frameless screens are often going for a modern, elegant look, PVC is a good choice, as you won’t even be able to see it in many cases.
  3. Aluminium Profile: This type of seal is the oldest and usually only used on screens or doors that have metal frames. This one can be the toughest to install, especially on screens that are not a standard size or shape. This is also the least effective type, as it does not form a tight seal with the floor.
  4. Shower Door Sweep: This popular type of seal works like a broom, as it has an edge that slides across the floor. The good thing about this seal is that it will form a tight seal with the floor, making it one of the most waterproof. This is a great option for anyone that has a shower door that is on hinges.
  5. Shower Threshold Seal: This unique type of seal is designed to actually direct water back into the shower. The water is pushed back into the shower tray, which keeps it from leaking out to the bathroom floor.

How to Choose the Best Shower Screen Seal

The type of shower screen seal you choose will largely depend on the type of shower you have. Those that have a frameless shower screen will probably want to go with a PVC shower screen seal, as they can be added seamlessly without changing the elegant look of the screen. Some choose to use the rubber type of PVC seal, as it will close even the smallest gaps and cracks. If you have a metal-framed shower screen then you should probably go with the traditional aluminium profile seal, as it will not clash with the metal frame. Doors that are on hinges can benefit greatly from a shower door sweep seal or a shower threshold seal. If you are not sure which one will work best with your shower then you should probably speak to a professional. The best method is probably to take a picture or sample of the old seal to a hardware store, or alternatively you can follow our guide here on how to measure your glass door for a new seal. If it is a new project then you can simply tell the person which type of shower screen you plan to use and they can advice you which will work best.

Regardless of which type of shower screen seal you choose it is an important addition to any shower, as it will help keep the bathroom floor dry, which will reduce the chance of accidents, as well as nasty mildew and bacteria. Most of these seals come with specific instructions for installation, but if you are unsure then you should definitely contact a professional to help. To attain a proper seal it will need to be installed correctly. To get the most from your investment you should not only choose the correct seal, but also one that is high quality and made from durable materials.

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